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Hmmm, Us?

Since you asked…

It was a dark and stormy night in the Cape, when lightning lit the sky and our CEO’s internet connection went “Boom”!

He picked up his landline telephone and tried to call the guys who installed his copper ADSL cable all those years ago … but no one answered that call.

With no Wifi to his name and a crazed look in his eye, he cried out “There has to be a better way!”

It was then that he vowed to find the fastest, most reliable, and most affordable internet connection.

He scoured the west, trying every ISP that came his way, but still he could find no satisfaction – and so he decided the time had come to take the internet into his own hands. 

He hired only the best, the bravest, the nerdiest IT geniuses in all the land, and had them build a network to rival all that had come before it (in Cape Town). 

Why? Because aside from Fibre, Faircom is part of a bigger group – Faircape – and he knew that if he wanted a better connection, then every one of his valued Faircape customers deserved it too. 

And so Faircom was born – to provide a service brave and true – to all the fair Captonians and their neighbours.

The adventure is just beginning

We’re all about you

We weren’t joking when we said we’ve been around the block. We’re part of the Faircape family, which means that we have an edge. What ever we do, and we do a lot, you’re our #1.

The Faircape Group is a diversified company established 30 years ago and specialises in property development, investment, construction, management, healthcare, retirement, surveillance, utilities management and communication services. Visit the place where we grew up to find out more …

That’s why we’re different.

We work with leading underlying infrastructure providers (including our own) which boasts a direct connection to the London Internet Exchange. This large data center is one of the biggest in the world. Utilising this connection Faircom can connect your business via peering directly to all major international companies that have no presence in South Africa.

We have our own infrastructure, Internect.

Internect peers with all major providers in South Africa. This means there is no middle-man between you and the service you are trying to use. Unlike many other ISPs, we connect you directly to the source. Peering allows us to send your traffic across the shortest path, which lowers latency and increases speed.

What was that boom clack shabang sound?

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