Know your internet: What (uncapped) line speed do you need?

A great internet experience depends on having the correct package and line speed for your individual needs.

If you live by yourself you won’t need the same line speed as if you live with three other people, for example.

Line speed is measured in Mega Bytes Per Second (Mbps). This refers to the number of megabytes of data your line can transmit in one second. Think of your line as a hosepipe, and the information flowing through it as the water. A wide hosepipe will allow much more data to pass through it at one time than a narrow one. If you are filling a swimming pool with a narrow hose it will take a very long time. If you are filling that same swimming pool with a large, wide hosepipe it will fill up a lot faster.

Your internet line works the exact same way. If you are downloading a movie on a small Fibre line it will take a lot longer than if you are downlooading that same movie on a faster (bigger) line.

Below is a rough idea of what you can expect to do with some of our standard Fibre line sizes, and how many people they are good for:

What line speed do you need at home?
  6 Mbps 8 Mbps 10Mbps 100Mbps
Number of internet users at home 1 2 4 4+
TV Streaming (Netflix / Showmax / DStv Now.) 1 Device 1 Device 2 Devices 4 Devices
General Browsing: Emails, online shopping, etc. Yes Yes Yes Yes
Facebook, Twitter, & Social Media Yes Yes Yes Yes
Listen to audio (music and podcasts) Yes Yes Yes Yes
VOIP Phone calls Yes Yes Yes Yes
Play Online Games Not Suitable Not Suitable 1 player at a time Yes