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What is VOIP? VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol, or in more common terms a phone service over the internet. If you have a reliable internet connection like Faircom Fibre, you can get a phone service delivered through your
internet connection.

Did you know, you can switch your Telkom landline for a Faircom VoIP phone and keep your existing landline number.

Telkom has announced that they are actively phasing out all ADSL internet and landline phones. That means that you need to choose an alternative to method to connect to the internet and make calls.



Your VOIP adapter is plugged directly into your Fibre router and transmits a wireless signal to your pre-configured phone(s).


Your voice is then converted into digital information which is transmitted like any other data via your VOIP adapter and Fibre router.


The recipient will get the information as a voice transmission on either their landline, VOIP phone or mobile device. If the call is to a fellow Faircom customer, then calls are FREE, but if not, expect to pay less than your current landline provider. Easy peasy.

Hmm, those 
are a lot
of words,
basically VOIP
can replace
your landline
for extra long
cheap chit
chats. No, you
hang up!

Save all day (and night) long

Communicate from anywhere
in the world where there’s
internet conectivity. This
translates to cheaper calls,
especially to cell phones and
international numbers. Plus, no
change of number necessary.

the world is your oyster

With Faircom fibre you can
use as many VOIP handsets
as you desire all over the
same connection. We can
issue or port any number of
incoming phone numbers
you desire. Oh, and it’s
super easy to set up.

Features that will knock any dad’s socks off

Programmable buttons,
teleconferencing capability,
unified messaging, voicemail
to email transcription, auto-
attendant feature, caller ID and
call waiting (to name just a few



*To be read in your best informercial voice*

Exceptional HD sound with wide band
technology, up to 4 simultaneous external calls
and up to 5 DECT cordless handsets with up
to 5 VoIP accounts. A 1.8 inch colour display
with intuitive user interface, 10 hours
talk time, 100 hours standby time, integrated
PoE (Class 1), as well as being desktop or
wall mountable.



Some features include HD voice,
call history (dialed/recieved/missed/
forwarded, call hold, mute, and DND)
one-touch speed dial, call forward, call
waiting, call transfer, group listening,
SMS, emergency calls, a dial plan and a
local phonebook of up to 1000 entries.

*out of breath*

How much
moola are we

A once-off purchase of your VOIP phone
(R1750 for ‘Either’ and R700 for ‘Or’) and a
R89 p/m for line rental. It also depends on
who you’re calling – which network provider
are they with?


  • Vodacom & MTN:
    90c ex per minute
  • Telkom Mobile, Virgin & CellC:
    R1.00 ex per minute
  • Landline local & National:
    40c ex per minute


Asked Questions

What about my existing telephone line and number?

You can keep your existing Telkom landline number. Simply let us know that you would like to port your number and we will give you a ring to talk you through the process.

How long does the Telkom line transfer take?

 It’s up to Telkom, but usually around 2 weeks.

How do the billing and tariffs work?

We will bill you at month-end, just like Telkom used to do. It will just be a lot cheaper!

Do I need to have a particular line speed?

We recommend at least a 10Mbps line if you would like a seamless VOIP experience.

Can I use my own telephone?

No. You will need a VOIP phone. Luckily we supply two different VOIP phones – so take a look at our VOIP page and choose what works for you.

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